Wild Water Casino Slot Review

Online slots is a great way to relax at the end of the day, to kill time when you are in between tasks, or to just have a great time without having to worry about following complicated rules and guidelines. Online casinos are a great way to access tons of great games and slots and Leovegas Casino and Casinoeuro are both fantastic online casinos that offer a real Vegas feel without your ever having to go to a casino. For those that want a casino feel but that might not be able to get time off work, might not have the funds, or simply cannot find a brick and mortar casino, this is a great option.

Wild Water Slots is a wonderful little slot game that is set in the way back, this slot game is set in the 1960s at the beach and is great for those that want to relive their hey day or want to see what the 60s were like. It is set along the Pacific Ocean and is a surf and sun kind of affair. This slot game is a bit different than some other games in that all the main symbols are going to be stacked.

What it means to have a stacked symbol is that they take up more than one spot on the reel. It also means that in order for you to win the entire symbol needs to appear over three whole columns for it to be part of the win. The main figures you will see are fun surfers in retro swimsuits which is endearing and fun.

The highest value character is going to be a surfer dude with sunglasses followed by various other surfers and swimmers that follow suit. The wild symbol is a shark coming out of the ocean and it can sub for every other symbol except for the scatter symbol. Three or more scatters will get you free spins, three gets you 15 spins, four gets you 30 spins, and five gets you an impressive 60 free spins. This is a game that offers a great number of free spins for those players lucky enough to get the right cards.

There are other bonus features including the surf’s up feature that happens when the board is entirely covered by surfers. During this time the game will give you a 20x bet multiplier. If you happen to land on one of every surfer at a time you will get a 200x bet multiplier. You have ten different bet levels with 20 lines and you can make up to 400,000 coins in the jackpot.

Overall this slots game is easy to play and easy to understand but it does have some interesting graphics that are not part of every single slot game you see. The great visuals and interesting stacked reels also give it a feeling of being something truly special and out of the ordinary for other slot games. This is a great game for slot players or all levels as it does offer the chance to make both very high and very low bets and it does give you the chance to really make back the money that you put down. This is a fun little game with great graphics and is very pleasing to both look at and to spend time playing.

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