Zombies Casino Slot Reviews

For most, going to a casino every time they want to play slots is both impossible and impractical. Online slots have given players the chance to play slots when they want, wherever they want. Online casinos like Unibet Casino or Royal Panda Casino offer players the opportunity and chance to play a wide range of slot games using free spins no deposit bonus without having to hunt down a real casino or without having to ever leave the comfort of their home.

Online slots have long been fodder for cutesy graphics, cartoonish pictures, and fun storylines. Zombies slots is none of those. Zombie slots latches onto the culture that we have all grown to know and love as a result of shows like the Walking Dead to deliver a goulish, scary, and exhilarating game play. The game is set in a deserted shopping mall that has been overrun by the living dead.

The zombies are rendered to rival those from your favorite zombie movies and shows and they are stunning to look at. The graphics are not the only zombie like element, the game also offers creepy background noises and whispers. The lower value cards are 10, J, Q, K, and A while the upper value cards are weapons used to kill the zombies themselves.

The upper level cards are weapons that you would use to fight zombies like a blood splattered chainsaw, a gas mask, a brain, an eyeball, a nail studded bat and an axe. These are all very gruesome looking and would not be good for those that do not like gore and that are uncomfortable with blood for sure. The wild symbol is a simple wild card and can sub for all symbols except for the scatter symbol and bonus symbol.

Three or more blue hazard waste tubes are your scatter symbols and give you scatters across 2, 3, and 4 and give you five casino free spins. When you get free spin casino rounds on the slot, you are also given the chance to get a multiplier for your pay out all the way up to the final spin, spin number 5 where you can get 10x multiplier. The bonus round is going to be a stacked wild and your coin winnings will be recorded by a box that will award you coins based on how much you bet. You then cut to a shooting game where you are awarded coins for every zombie that is shot based on your spins.

You can play one line up to 20 lines per spin and your coin values are from 0.01 to 1.00. Your maximum bet is going to be 200 and you can win up to 100,000 coins during one spin. Overall this is a really fun take on the traditional slot machine themes and what most slot machines are going to look like.

This machine is great for betters of all levels as it does allow you low bets on one line or larger bets on up to 20 lines. For those that want something different and want something that is not your traditional fluffy slot game, Zombies slots is a great alternative that offers simple game play, potentially large payouts, and easy to follow rules and guidelines. This is a great game all around that is not your typical slot game making it a great alternative to the cutesy slots that we are all used to. You will find this slot in a lot of online casinos 2021. I’ve found this game through my best friends site and played the game a couple of times.

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